Ian London

Operations Manager
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Topsham, ME


Off the bike, Ian is a Steamboat Springs-based attorney and rider agent. He is also
legal counsel to the Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists.

Favorite race:
Tour of the Gila or Leadville 100

Favorite off-the-bike activities:
Cooking, skiing, travel

Favorite food:
Nothing beats a simple roast bird and fresh green salad. Except maybe fried chicken and biscuits.

Favorite coffee origin:

Favorite quote:
“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” - Mike Tyson

What inspires you?
The simple pleasure of riding a bike. Nothing beats it. Except maybe fried chicken and biscuits.

What's your most memorable bike experience?
Helping good friends get onto podiums all over the country.

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