Isaiah Newkirk

5' 10"
Boulder, CO
Las Cruces, New Mexico
TT, Climber


Favorite race:
Cascade Cycling Classic

Favorite off-the-bike activities:
Hiking, photography, breweries, coffee

Favorite food:
My mom's enchiladas.

Favorite coffee origin:

Favorite quote:
“You'll never know 'til you try.”

What inspires you?
To live life to the fullest and for each moment.

What's your most memorable bike experience?
Too many to list just one: riding cross-country when I was 16, every race I win, when a team meshes perfectly and races as one...

Career Highlights:

  • 15th - Redlands Cycling Classic GC
  • 1st - Baker City Classic GC
  • 6th - 2014 USA Elite Road National Championships
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