Dillon Caldwell

Bend, Oregon
TT, All-Around


Favorite race:
Weekly summertime local criteriums back in my hometown of Bend. I just love the low-key racing atmosphere, good weather and the chance to mix it up with the ridiculously strong masters guys (we have a handful of ex-national champions in Bend) and upcoming juniors that I may not otherwise get a chance to throw down with.

Favorite off-the-bike activities:
Skiing, writing

Favorite food:
Burrito is life.

Favorite coffee origin:
Ethiopia, for sure!

Favorite quote:
"Take the risk or lose the chance."

What inspires you?
My good friend and fellow brain tumor survivor, Gary Bonacker, has been living with his disease for over a decade. In spite of his many health struggles and roller coaster of emotion through the years, his ability to continually look on the sunny side and see the best in every situation has helped me tremendously through both my own health struggles and my life as a survivor and athlete. In bike racing, just as in any major health battle, there are so many ups and downs. Sometimes it just feels overwhelming. But as Gary often reminds me, the fact that the grass is always greener doesn’t mean you can’t nurture and enjoy your own grass while you have it. That’s the fun part in life -- balancing the constant search for improvement with an appreciation for what you have in the moment.

What’s your most memorable bike experience?
Probably my first legitimate training camp with my good friend Ian Boswell in Mallorca back in 2014. Ian crushed me, but taught me how to eat for hard training/racing (with the help of our hotel’s buffet). It was the cycling trip of a lifetime. And he still claims it as the reason he was able to secure his second contract with Sky. I doubt that, but I’m forever grateful for the experience. I’ll never forget it.

Career Highlights:

  • 2017 - Racing with the US National Team at the Cascade Cycling Classic in my
  • Oregon (2015, 2016, 2017) and Washington State TT Champion (2016, 2017)
  • 5th - Sea Otter Classic RR (2017)
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