Austin Stephens

6' 1"
Boulder, CO
Huntington Beach, CA


Favorite off-the-bike activities:
Cooking, surfing, camping, trail running

Favorite food:
Ice cream

Favorite coffee origin:

Favorite quote:
“What are you going to do today that you’ll be proud of in one year?”

What inspires you?
My parents, dedicated work ethics, and people pursuing their passions

What’s your most memorable bike experience?
Winning the Schlitz Park criterium at Tour of America’s Dairyland in 2015. I attacked at the top over the top of the hill, led the field down to the finish, and held it to the line. I have never descended so close to my limit and come out unscathed. My mom was there to watch, and sharing the victory with her was quite special.

Career Highlights:

  • 1st - 2017 Green Mountain Stage Race GC
  • 1st - 2017 Boulder Roubaix
  • 1st - 2017 Denver City Park Criterium
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