Tour of the Gila never disappoints!


We went into this race with high expectations and wanting to stamp our authority. While we had some bumps along the way in the end we still took the bull by the horns and raced bikes.

Stage 1, we had a crash change our team plans and then focus for the rest of the race.
Stage 2, the team played its cards and in the end walked away with two top ten finishes in the sprint stage (with climbers)
Stage 3, TT I put in a good ride for 6th and Eric showed things to come by putting in a solid ride.
Stage 4, Again climbers hitting it out in the sprint and pulling two top tens. Ended up being quite the day with mechanicals and crashes.
Stage 5, Flavio pulling a good ride with the lead group in a long hard stage.









Every race is something to learn from and this was no exception. You go to a race with a plan and 99 times out of a 100 that plan gets thrown off. We adapted and we continued to push for the best in ourselves and in our teammates. Next time, when luck is a little more in our court watch out and look for our jerseys.

Thanks Silver City and Tour of the Gila for putting on a phenomenal race that really is one of the best in the country. Can’t wait to see the Gila mountains again!


By Isaiah Newkirk