Boulder-based program The 303 Project has stepped up to UCI Continental status for the 2018 season. Coming on the heels of a highly successful debut season as a Domestic Elite team, this rapid rise to the professional ranks signals a seriously motivated rider base and team leadership. As a first-year rider for the program, I’m incredibly excited to be joining that

Likewise, this season will also mark my own debut in the professional ranks. Several of my new teammates share that honor, while a handful of us enter the program as veterans with prior professional experience on both the domestic and international scene. I represent one half of a healthy mix of experience and fresh perspective, each of us with our own unique gifts to share
with our new teammates.

As I prepare for my first season with my new team, many friends and acquaintances back home have asked me if I’m nervous for the step up. I like to imagine that my response is the same one that any of my new teammates would give, in turn representing the perspective of the program on the whole. My response is that I’m not nervous. Rather, I’m excited. I’m excited to finally
enjoy the opportunity I’ve worked so hard for over the past few years.

That opportunity lies in potential race starts, as a team that has now officially earned its place among the best racers on the continent. That opportunity lies in the ability to learn and grow together as new teammates and friends, each working toward the same shared goals. That opportunity lies in the chance to represent the many great businesses and supporters that have backed this fresh new program. That opportunity lies in our ability to help redefine this great sport, one tarnished by a legacy of cheating over the past several decades but also so full of a new wave of the kind of honest, hard work that is the heart of true sport. That opportunity lies in an opening for us all to come together in a series of new adventures that will define us each,
and define us all as one.

The road behind us is long, but it is the road ahead that keeps us going. We’ll do our best to keep chasing the latter, in honor of the unique bounty of opportunity that this new road represents. We’re excited to take you along in our journey, together helping to shape what
American cycling means to the world.

— 303 Project Rider, Dillon Caldwell