As the team takes on the first round of PRT/UCI races for the 2018 season (Joe Martin Stage Race, Tour of the Gila, Redlands Bicycle Classic), we would like to announce our partnership with Today’s Plan for the season. Together, we want to bring you all of the nitty gritty data and details from every single stage!

If you have not heard of Today’s Plan, you are missing out. Today’s Plan is a data analysis and communication platform for cyclists and multisport athletes. This relationship is huge for us as it allows our riders to review and break down each race and workout to better understand how they can improve and fine-tune training. We will be posting about each and every PRT and UCI race we do, pinpointing how Today’s Plan analytics help us continue to push ourselves to that next top level result so that you can do the same yourself.

To start, we want to show you how some of our riders prepare for the season and help you do the same yourself. We have asked a handful of our riders for their favorite pre-season workouts to best get them ready for race intensity. If you think you are up for the challenge of trying one (or several) of these workouts out, then click on the picture of the rider, create an account through Today’s Plan (if you don’t already have one), and watch as the workout automatically appears in your account. For free. No strings attached. Give it a try and let us know what you think! Good luck!

Austin Stephens : Seated/Standing Threshold Sets (Recommended to be done with a good amount of Espresso)

Chris Winn : Hilly Crit Prep – Get that final edge for your punchy races coming up!

Taylor Warren : Getting Race Ready – Just enough V02 to make you uncomfortable

Nicholas Greeff : Early Season Kitchen Sink – An all around true tester!

Jake Silverberg : V02/Tempo Over/Under’s – Fine tuning your active recovery and teaching your body to keep going!

Rolando Gonzalez : Building that V02 Tolerance – Build that ability to be able to respond over and over!

Andrew Clemence : Sweet Spot Builder – The foundation to early-season success (for both roadies and mountain bikers)

Dillon Caldwell : Zone 3/4 Over/Unders – From a breakaway specialist, this is how you push the break!

Grant Ellwood : The first tester of sweet spot – find out what this climber does to get up hills

Griffin and Cullen Easter : Early Season Climb Fest (they have the same favorite without knowing it) these bro’s just love to crush each other on climbs!

Isaiah Newkirk : Tempo with a knock – To get that last bit out of your legs going into a race finish!


Check back for future updates on how we use Today’s Plan to analyze our training!