2018 is a new year and a new season. With this new beginning, we are introducing some new riders and staff, new goals, and tackling new opportunity! After a really successful introductory 2017 season as a top-level amateur team, we were alI super motivated. As the team owner, I believed the riders deserved a shot at the next level. So, at the end of the season we reached out to find some of our biggest supporters that believed in us just as much as we did. With their help we managed to get registered as a UCI Continental team for 2018.

This change will bring about more opportunity for the riders to do bigger races and to show the cycling world what they can do. We have been blessed with a really great group who I’m certain will uphold, support, and advance our young legacy as a community-driven culture!

This year is our time to develop into a team that will be around for a long, long time. We do not want to be a one-hit-wonder that has a great season, then disappears. We plan to be a team that will be here to stay for years to come. It’s our mission to continue to provide opportunity to riders who deserve it and strive to work with brands on a long-term basis so we can grow true partnerships together.

We will continue to grow our involvement both in the community where we are based, and in the communities we travel through while competing all over North America and other parts of the world. Throughout the season will be giving you an in-depth perspective on what it is like to be a UCI Continental team and a Continental rider. We will continue to invest in the our current social media platforms and expand into new ones, including a video documentary series of the season. We will bring you the highs and the lows, the good and the bad, the joys and the struggles. Join us on our adventure this season!

— Nicholas Greeff, Team Owner